Thursday, 5 July 2012

Enormity of Debt Utd. @ Charity Wimbers

Shares in Manchester United - are they bloody mad? Given how much Man Utd. are in debt, I'd rather invest in Barclays Bank, the Euro or even complicated Higgs Boson derivatives! I see they're listing the company in the USA - probably in the belief no-one there will know what the hell a Man Utd. is and think it's a new software company worth billions. Perhaps we should have a Public Inquiry....

Talking of Libor (and who isn't, dahlink), Aleksandr Orlov is no longer promoting and is overtly (and unashamedly) shoving in our faces? The bastard has sold out - doubtless subverted by the banks (or the Bank of England).

Have you noticed how the use of the word 'enormity' is changing. Even reporters on the BBC are now using it as a word describing something massive, rather than something exceeding the bounds of morality. I'm not against language evolving, but it's a shame when it happens due to a lack of knowledge of the original meaning and merely because it sounds similar to another word. Probably something to do with English not being my first language - and my consequent love of it.

Can someone tell my why George W Bush is commentating on Wimbledon?

George Bush - Wimbledon Commentator

Thought for the day - if you think charity shop is chic and makes a statement, have you lost the plot?

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