Sunday, 22 July 2012

Wash Some Olympic Confidence In

Overheard in the Caravan: 

The Chairman and Hayley are watching TV when an advert comes of for Head and Shoulders shampoo, alleging that it washes confidence into you. 

Chairman: "Shall I get some Head and Shoulders and get some confidence?" 

 Hay: "God no - any more confidence and you'd be insufferable - (sotto voce) and if you had a brain you'd be dangerous."

Is anyone aware of a celeb or superannuated athlete who is NOT carrying the Olympic torch at some time?

One hears that the Sunday trading laws are to be suspended during the Olympics. One of the arguments being used is that it will help unemployment and boost the economy.

Help unemployment? a few extra hours on 2 Sundays? If you want to boost employment and help the economy, then the only answer is getting rid of the laws during the entire recession. You either have laws and stick to them, or you don't.

A government spokesthing mouthed some blatherskite about it only being a temporary measure and not a test case for getting rid of the Sunday trading laws. That means it's obviously a test case for getting rid of the Sunday trading laws.

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Anonymous said...

Vote of no confidence then?