Sunday, 29 July 2012


Against my better judgement, Perry persuaded me to go and see a testimonial football match yesterday. Manchester City Legends vs Bristol City Legends at Ashton Gate (some of the Legends had played for both sides in their time and thus swapped sides every now and again). The only name I recognised was Asa Hartford.

My seat was 27K in section D. It is shown below between humungous bloke on the left and Perry on the right (who is not a small chap himself).

As you will have by now divined, I did not take the seat allocated to me - it was a physical impossibility.

In case you're wondering 2:1 to Manchester City. The match was played at 1/4 normal speed.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Would you be offended if I said I hadn't been wondering? No, didn't think so.

Chairman Bill said...

Not at all - I was nonplussed myself. Spent most of the match clearing out some work emails.

Anonymous said...

Football.. you bloody heathen you ......bunch of overrated, overpaid and gay men dribbling....... Even Cricket , despite its association with paint drying, is more acceptable.... at least its a gentlemen's sport and they all say "jolly good shot, sir" and "fine wicket" and drink Pimms in the interval ( do they have intervals?) etc... Next you will be going to the bloody Ballet !

Chairman Bill said...

I thought that was golf - but I may be mixing my sports, as I'm not the least interested in any.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Time well spent, I venture.