Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Grammar As She Is Spoke in Jon Lord Coalition

OK, all you Brits! Can anyone tell me why one can say, "He isn't," but the negative auxilliary verb, "I amn't," is frowned upon, except in Scotland, where many things are possible? Logically there's nothing wrong with amn't - I think I'll start to drop it into conversation and see what the reaction is, innit!

Boris has said the coalition is doomed to continue while Cameron and Clegg have done a bit of chummying up for the cameras. On that basis I'd say it will last till...... oh..... teatime a week on Friday.

Off to Scandahooliga tomorrow for a few days - back Friday to catch the mayhem at Heathrow. Taking a sleeping bag just in case.


Alan Burnett said...

You aren't. Which is both a question, an answer and another example.

angel said...

'cept the wee scotsmon wuld seay......... "aye armpit" which of course could be construed to be a a off the cuff comment about body odour !