Friday, 6 July 2012

The Standard Model Shardski Rates

It would appear that the standard model contains mass and is not a US size 0 after all. Looks like we're in for a summer of particle physics jokes, as well as rain.

This image just speaks for itself:

Apparently there are going to be apartments in the Shard (Europe's tallest building) which will be selling for £50m. I guess at that rate it won't be long before it's called the Shardski.

I can 't help feeling that the lessons learned from the Twin Towers has not been heeded and developers are just clamouring to offer up targets. It won't be long before some terrorist smashes a Higgs boson into the thing. However, given it's a little piece of Qatar in the middle of London, perhaps that will be enough to ward off the evil eye.


Alan Burnett said...

I think they should have called it The Lard. If you try cutting through a block of lard with a knife (like you do when you are cutting off a bit of lard to add to your chip pan) it often forms shapes not dissimilar to this somewhat pompous building.

Chairman Bill said...

Chip pan? Alan, I moved south decades ago...