Saturday, 7 July 2012

Deep Cuts @ Deepcut Sabbath

I'm not sure of the wisdom of these army cuts - you could almost say deep cuts at Deepcut. Releasing on to the streets some 20,000 people having no discernable qualification beyond knowing how to kill someone with a matchstick, does not give me confidence in the consequences for social order. Perhaps we should retrain them as teachers?

What with the price of milk going through the floor, it looks like it's time for UK dairy farmers to introduce Fairtrade milk!

Was watching a TV program last night that was advertised as being about Ozzy Osbourne's "battle against drink and drugs". I always though it wasn't so much a battle as an unconditional surrender.

There's a story in the news about the education system failing the most bright. Well, if it's also failing the least bright (which is the excuse trotted out for dumbing everything down), then who the hell is the education system actually helping - the mediocre?

Bought a new App yesterday - I like the results. It's called Paper Camera. This first adaptation makes the house look like something from an old Rupert the Bear cartoon.


LA said...

The education system is a factory designed to churn out the middle of the bell curve. People on either side shouldn't be sending their kids to non-private school.

Steve Borthwick said...