Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Every Lidl Helps

Have you noticed how Lidl manage their stock almost perfectly? I dashed out to the local Lidl at 5.30 yesterday evening to get some last minute biscuits and apple juice, and was amazed to find there wasn't a single Christmas item on the shelves.

Unfortunately, our Lidl is allefedly closing for 3 months in the New Year for a renovation programme.

Merry Christmas to all my readers - however, I won't be able to reply to any reciprocations, as I still haven't found out why I can't add comments to my own blog.


Roger said...

Delete this when you have read it:

Do you have a problem leaving comments on Blogger blogs?
I'd like to know if anybody else is having difficulties leaving comments on their own blog or my blogs.

The reason for asking is that this week I suddenly could not post a comment to MY OWN BLOG courtesy of Blogger.

I could moderate the comments of others and I could access the dashboard and publish posts - but I couldn't leave a comment.

The problem was resolved in part by stopping my comments page from being "embedded". In other formats my Google account was recognised and I could leave comments. When it was embedded the account was not recognised.

Chairman Bill said...

Test of not having comments embedded.

Chairman Bill said...

Test of popup window for comments.

Chairman Bill said...

Problem solved.