Saturday, 28 December 2019

Straight Laced

I'm fed up with the very long laces on my pumps - the damned things need double tying and I keep tripping over them. Not only that, but long, flappy laces are a bit of a danger on the unicycle.

Decided to try out some of those no-tie laces, which are made of silicone and transform shoes into slip-ons.

Fiddly to insert, but reasonably secure once threaded into place. I tested them on this morning's unicycling practice session and they were perfect.

I have started using a new strategy in my unicycling in order to break free of the support rail completely - launching myself out into the unknown at 90 degrees to the rail, and it is working. The car park has to be entirely free of moving cars to prevent accidents, but at 6:30 that's not really an issue. Managed to to a half circle around the section of the car park I use this morning. I didn't start off intending to do a half circle; I merely ran out of road and decided to try one.

Free-mounting is still an issue I need to solve, but I understand the principle - and the physics - and simply need lots of practice.

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