Saturday, 7 December 2019


Since the start of the year I've been tracking my daily mileage. While perusing the Excel spreadsheet I use, I came across a graph of the results for weekday miles, which I forgot I'd made.

You can click on the image to blow it up. 

Nothing particularly interesting about it; however, it does show that, on average, it could warrant the use of an electric car in terms of the average mileage, which is generally under 100 miles a day.

That said, many of the miles can't be travelled in an electric car, as I'm moving petrol and diesel cars between HQ, the bodyshop, the MoT station and the valeters'. The remaining miles, which are travelled in the company runaround, certainly could be.

The very high daily miles were when I was collecting cars from auctions around the country, including some from Glasgow, but these have disappeared since we started buying from nearer home and having them delivered.

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