Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Works Xmas Tree

Made a start on the showroom Christmas tree yesterday - a bough from our old plum tree, which is slowly dying anyway. I was going to get a traditional tree, but with a root ball so it could be replanted after Christmas; however, there wasn't a single one available in the area, so I decided to so something innovative based on our home 'tree' last year.

I got a few strange looks when I dragged half a tree into the showroom, but once it was put in place and dusted with silver spray paint, opinions became quite favourable. A couple thought it didn't even require further embellishment. 

I've ordered a bunch of old car keyfobs with marque labels on them, which I may paint before hanging from the branches. The local car breaker has promised me half a dozen or so car boot badges to use as adornment sometime next week for a tenner. I'll add some marketing leaflets on ribbons, some alloy wheels we have in the store will be arranged around the base and it will be completed with some warm, white lights. The whole theme will be car related, as befitting a car showroom.

I may have to temporarily adorn it with standard, red baubles till my proper deccies arrive next week.

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