Monday, 20 April 2009

Monday 20/04/09

Back to normal at last. Don’t you just hate returning to work after a week off? In fact, don’t you just hate work, full stop?

I’ve deleted my Facebook account again. Damned thing is still as vacuous as it was the last time I deleted it. Can’t understand why I went to the trouble of resurrected it. Someone with my surname in Holland requested to ‘connect’ with me and then never said a bloody word – so what’s the point of using Facebook to merely collect names? One connectee had 1,300 ‘friends’ – that simply isn’t possible.

Have you got any sympathy for the G20 protestors? I haven’t. What drives people to demonstrate about a meeting which is attempting to find a solution to the world economic crisis? Even if you can come up with a reason, then why do they attend in hoodies and orange hair while beating a drum and wielding a video camera? Why do they then start gleefully smashing windows while filming the proceedings on said video cameras? Why then start throwing glass and stones at the police and complain when the police – who are only human – respond in kind?

Rather than focusing on the one or two videos that are making headlines, take a look at the general gratuitous violence on the part of demonstrators on YouTube. However, the media wants to milk controversial stories, so once the furore dies down, get prepared for the media digging into the past of the protestors who claim they were beaten up and the whole thing to burst into print again, but seen from the other side.

The fact that one of those claiming to have been beaten up has hired Max Clifford and sold her story for £50k says it all for me. It also makes her a legit target for the ‘investigative media’. She maintains that she felt like she’d been whipped by the Taliban – if she had indeed been whipped by the Taliban I doubt she’d be in a position to sell her story for £50k.

Some are complaining that a few of the police removed their ID numbers. That is naughty, but I think that to redress the balance all protestors should have their hoodies removed and be made to wear name badges.

We made a start yesterday on clearing the site ready to demolish a garden wall so as to provide vehicular access for diggers and the like. This necessitated the clearing up of what has been traditionally called ‘The Depot’, being a repository for old ironmongery and assorted stones, tiles and bricks. The area hadn’t seen the light of day since Caravan completed renovating The Folly and we discovered what we think are the archaeological remains of Old Sodbury Man.

Don’t you think that Phil Harding of Time Team looks suspiciously like Lemmy from Motorhead? Perhaps Lemmy moonlights as an archaeologist between digs.

Lemmy (left - brandishing a fossil mastodon penis) and Phil Harding (right)

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  1. Dear Mr Chairman,

    For those of us who do not live in Britain, would you be so kind as to explain Time Team : I appreciate that technology may well have advanced seriously in the UK since my departure but I am surprised that any breakthrough in time travel has not made international news headlines.

    Also, I think if someone is going to travel through time, he should at least get a haircut.

    Many thanks in advance for your enlightening words.

    Perplexed, Paris