Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sunday 19/04/09

A few more photos until normal service is resumed. Number 1 son has returned to Cornwall and I'll scream if I ever see another Warhammer 40k plastic soldier.


  1. Hay's visit to China, Number 1 son, ok, I get it. Love the photos. What is the lady in red by the lake doing - why do I think lace-making ?

    I thought all men loved playing soldiers, even when grown up.

  2. I love the people on that little, hump-backed bridge. They make it look like an upside down caterpillar! Lots of beautiful pics of an intriguing place...

  3. Kapgaf: I think she's playing some instrument. Hay says she's a music student and it's a Zimmer frame - of something like that.

    Soldiers are fine, unless you have to glue them together.

    Jinks: Hay has brought some bug back with her and has not felt at all well for over a week.

  4. Sorry to hear about Hay. I hope it's nothing more serious than a scorpion she disagreed with.

  5. Sir, would suggest Hay gets to a doctor, if she has not already - A good colleague of mine became very ill and ended up in hospital following a holiday in China - He is fully recovered now, but I would leave naught to fate with dear Hay...