Saturday, 11 April 2009

Saturday 11/04/09

Beastly sorry for the interlude, but I'm enjoying playing with my 10 year-old son for a few days. Will post again when I have a few minutes and Hay has sorted her Chinese photos.

On her arrival back from China I asked Hay what she wanted for dinner – she said scorpions and ducks’ tongues.

Just as something to get your teeth into while I'm absent, was listening to some director of a gold trading company talking about the benefit of gold. The interviewer asked him what, in these days of financial instruments, made gold attractive to an investor. He replied with the wonderful statement that it was the fact that it wasn't a financial instrument that made it attractive.

However, he then let himself down when asked whether his company was the No1 gold trading outfit, to which he responded that it was somewhere between the number 2 and number 3. Eh?


  1. Has Hay come back as a Mongoose?

    Have a great weekend playing, Sir!

  2. No jellyfish, then ?
    And for the gold, not because it's shiny, then ?
    Enjoy some good times with the boy and many easter eggs.