Friday, 24 April 2009

Saturday 25/04/09

The Five Levels of Awareness (an extract from “God’s Debris”)

All humans experience the first level of awareness at birth. That is when you first become aware that you exist.

In the second level of awareness you understand that other people exist. You believe most of what you are told by authority figures. You accept the belief system in which you are raised.

At the third level of awareness you recognize that humans are often wrong about the things they believe. You feel that you might be wrong about some of your own beliefs but you don’t know which ones. Despite your doubts, you still find comfort in your beliefs.

The fourth level is skepticism. You believe the scientific method is the best measure of what is true and you believe you have a good working grasp of truth, thanks to science, your logic and your senses. You are arrogant when it comes to dealing with people in levels two and three.

The fifth level of awareness is when you understand that the mind is an illusion generator, not a window to reality, and recognize science as a belief system, albeit a useful one.


  1. To believe or not to believe, that is the question.

  2. Well, this proves that anybody can set up a hierarchy/tautology of anything. What is happening here is a set of lines drawn in the sand. I'll be playing next door, with my own toys, thank you. Life is experienced in a community, no? Are we then all in the same illusion?

  3. Kat: You're free to believe what is best for you.

    Lake: It depends which reality you're talking about. Politicians are at level 2 and constantly attempt to persuade up that their version of reality is the best and only version.

  4. I'm on level five and you are all just an illusion that my mind has generation (I have an exceedingly complex imagination). Still trying to decide if you're useful or not.