Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Overheard in The Smoking Dog pub, Malmesbury:

Chairman’s No.1 son (hushed): “Bogies!”
Chairman (louder): “Bogies!”
Chairman’s No.1 son (even louder): “Bogies!”
Chairman (yet louder): “Bogies!”
Chairman’s No.1 son: “You won dad.”

Overheard in Malmesbury Abbey:

Chairman (hushed): “Bogies!”
Chairman’s No.1 son (louder): “Bogies!”
Chairman (even louder): “Bogies!”
Chairman’s No.1 son (at top of voice): “Bogies!”
Hay: “It’s like having two eleven year-olds to contend with.”
Chairman’s No.1 son: “I am eleven.”
Chairman: “I’m nearly eleven.”


  1. Hay must have the patience of a saint.

  2. My granddaughter used to accuse me of acting like a 12 year old. Now that she's 12 all she ever says is that I'm worse than a child, and that it's about time I grew up. I've found it really upsets her when I say thank you for the compliment!

    Can't stop - going to play with my toys

  3. Excellent choice of venues for 'bogies' contest. Laughing out loud at this one.

  4. Having just spent over 100K on my "childish" hobbie I am aggrieved by the youth of today not letting us "youngsters" have our way..Who are they to say how old we are.

    Ill be 16 this year, I think ! The memory hasn't been the same for a while..