Tuesday, 18 August 2009

You'd be unhappy too

I do wish headline writers would think before publishing.

Yesterday I spotted this one: "Man shot dead by police 'unhappy'."

I dare say he was - you would be too if you'd been shot dead. It's only after reading the story that you become aware of the what the headline writer meant.


  1. Yes, I sometimes think daft headline spotting should be a recognised bobby rather like train spotting

  2. Sadly, Alan, I don't recognize any bobbies and they seem to get younger all the time.

    My suggestion for a name for a collector of silly headlines is: a cutoffbyfoggist

  3. Yes, but headlines like this can make you giggle all day. Wonderful.

  4. I think I'm more content *not* reading the meaning....:)

  5. do people still read the media with its biased and deranged views....

    I though we got our wisdom from Chairman Bill !

  6. After reading the article, I think the headline should have been "Man shot dead by police 'happy'," but that wouldn't be half as funny. Poor guy - I guess he got what he wanted.

  7. Alan: Bobby?

    Kabbalah: Good one!

    Scarlet: Just make sure you don't jiggle while you giggle.

    Braja: Reverse spin?

    Phil: If only, if only.

    Kabbalah (again): Well, it wasn't happiness.

  8. Yesterday I heard my husband say "Well, no shit!" Apparently he was watching a show where they were demonstrating deadly weapons and a guy said "We can't use these on live people for the purpose of demonstration"

  9. After reading the article " off his trolly" may have been a better discription. Poor Fella.
    I must say to Kat we use the phrase " no shit Sherlock " for moments like like that.