Saturday, 15 August 2009

Dubious field-sports

Overheard in the Chipping Sodbury field-sports shop:

No.1 son: “Dad, why is fishing a field-sport?”
Chairman: “Well, any sport in which you kill something is a field-sport.”
No.1 son: “How about killing yourself?”
Chairman: “Well, while many people have topped themselves in a field, suicide is not generally classed as a field-sport.”


  1. Back to Logan's run again and puts a whole new angle on the Euthenasia (sp?) debate. Very funny.

  2. Who gets killed when you play cricket ? Possibly a radio commentator but that's just an educated guess.

    The third male menopause hormone that you couldn't remember is of course amnesiosterone. Funny you should forget that one....

  3. Suicide is not a particularly exciting field sport as the hunted can never get away from the hunter.

  4. Kabbalah: Kids, eh?

    Kapgaf: The Krikkit Wars?

    Alan: Very good!