Sunday, 23 August 2009

Guess the YouTube track

We invented a new game last night. 7 of us were sat outside passing the laptop between ourselves, each having a turn at selecting a YouTube track for the others to guess the title of.

The evening ended up with us all having the following track firmly embedded in our minds and unable to stop singing it.


  1. A tune from my childhood, but I never knew the name of that band. Would you call them a band? It just doesn't seem like the right word.

  2. Chairman, you got me again. Mind you, not a bad tune to have in my head. This will probably accompany most of my tasks for the rest of the day...

  3. Hey, I meant to ask -- how are the sheep?

  4. Bee: My son got us hooked on it.

    Kabbalah: Gotcha.

    Louise: Et tu Lou! Sheep have been gone for a while - replaced by a 12 foot diameter trampoline for No.1 son.