Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Footie, BNP & Growing Up

Kerry Katona, the famous French philosopher-footballer, has apparently been cautioned for possession. He’s changed a bit since his Manchester United days.

There’s a delicious irony about the UK's equalities watchdog talking out legal action against the British National Party over concerns about ethnic restrictions on its membership.

I beat my 11 year-old son at go-karting yesterday – by one second over 17 laps, and that was only because he spun (spinned, span?) out on one early lap. It won’t be long before I’m a fallen hero and he no longer looks up to me - literally. However, I did manage to teach him how to mend an inner tube puncture without having to buy a new bike.


  1. Enjoy all those victories whilst you can - resort even to cheating and bribery if you must. There is a right of passage coming soon and the view from the other side of the hill is dismal.

  2. It's just part of an ongoing public audition for the inevitable role in Corrie.

    You heard it here first - but will she plump for leopard-print?

  3. Loving the irony with the BNP. Mind you, the solution is simple - open up the party membership to all ethnic backgrounds. As if anyone other than white, narrow-minded bigots would join. I guess on a plus point at least they are authentically xenophobic...

  4. Really the BNP doesn't welcome all? what a shocker!
    Did you do a victory lap in your go kart? This is always a must in our family, we even do it when playing crazy golf.

  5. Gosh, Bill, my heart missed a beat when you began ..."I beat my son...." I imagined you taking off your belt and things.

    Yes, my Husband teaches Son about doing things on his bike xx