Sunday, 2 August 2009

I'm conspiring toward a theory

The conspiracy theory circular I was sent on Friday included readers’ comments from a website – you know, the usual compilation of semi-literate, misinformed drivel interspersed with the odd gem from some wag with a good sense of humour and perspective. I was absolutely astounded at some of the comments; it’s incredible that after millions of years of evolution some people still retain a level of intelligence lower than that of an amoeba. I swear some of them don’t have opposable thumbs (there’s a scary thought – a virus with opposable thumbs – I think I’ll start a conspiracy theory using that meme).

Here’s a sample (they are direct copy & paste, so don’t blame me for the spelling or grammar):

no way will I be getting this vaccine- and niether will any of my family-- this is a sick con. if you want to protect yourself research mms, colloidal silver, iodine, vit c - there are many cheap ways to keep healthy - but because they are cheap they are not profitable to big corporations

MMS – or Miracle Mineral Supplement - is a quack remedy with no scientific basis whatsoever and as efficacious as Peckham Spring water - it’s basically a disinfectant or bleach but is touted by unscrupulous charlatans as a cure for AIDS, hepatitis, cancer and TB. You may just as well tout Domestos as a cancer cure. If anything is a sick con, then MMS certainly is and anyone who believes in its efficacy is a fool. I defy anyone to produce reputable clinical trial evidence of it working. Colloidal silver will turn you a dramatic shade of grey and make you resemble a black & white photo. Iodine, however, is essential to the body and plays a part in the immune system, but as long as you eat the odd bit of fish you get enough (table salt in the west is loaded with the stuff). Excess vitamin C is excreted out of the body as it can’t be stored; you get enough in a healthy, balanced diet and so taking vitamin C supplements is a complete waste of time.

I too was amazed to find just how many of my fellow Brits are aware and awake to what is going on with regards this vaccine. I thought surely as a nation we are too clever to fall for this, and all of you are showing that that is exactly the case. Now it's times like this I am proud to be British!

I’m not, if you’re a representative sample of the species.

Brits Don't let this happen! Your brothers and sisters across the pond Do Not want this here in America. If you let this happen you will set an international precedence that can be rhetorically used to justify the act in the States.

WTF? It doesn’t even make sense!

I've had swine flu. It was nothing but a sniffle. Would rather have that than a vaccine made by psychopathic eugenicists.

Let’s get the pitchforks and rush torches out and burn the scientists shall we?

The World Health Organisation CREATED the swine flu virus - provable! They are planning mass genocide of most of the population of the world. ALL VACCINES ARE POISON DO NOT TAKE ANY!!!! I tried to warn of vaccine danger A BBC blog but the BBC CENSORD MY COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect opportunity to MICRO CHIP everyone if you ask me. Its happening in the USA.

A statement is not proof. Just a tad paranoid, would you not say – possibly even barking. Not surprised her comment was censored. A study has shown that women generally use more exclamation marks than men and her excessive use of said punctuation is surpassed only by Adolph Hitler when he was on steroids.

Research the history of polio vacc, small pox, and Thalidamide. The evidence is that vaccinations do not prevent disease.

Plain wrong and total misinformation. Thalidomide was not a vaccine; smallpox has been eradicated and polio vaccine has reduced incidences of polio by 98% since vaccination programmes started. Clearly a diode short of a full circuit.

The conspiracy theories around vaccination are loopy. Gov.t is too inept to manage such a scam.

At last - a sensible comment with which I totally agree.

Wow! I'm overwhelmed and reasurred by the responses to this article.. I guess we're not all as daft as they think hey? They'll be no jab for me or mine either. It's all about depopulation and folk are beginning to realise this.

Here’s what I think; all the governments of the world, along with a cabal of international bankers – not forgetting the Zionists of course, can’t leave them out - have decided there are too many thick people in the world and that they are reproducing at an exponential rate. They have therefore purposely manufactured a conspiracy theory that scientists are engaged in a programme of depopulation through enforced vaccination with contaminated vaccine. The purpose of this is to scare thick people into not taking any vaccine at all with the result that they will die from a rather virulent acne pandemic and the general IQ of the population will thus increase as a consequence. Any who do not die due to a natural immunity will be immediately identified by being grey from swigging colloidal silver. The grey people will be dealt with separately in monochrome lunatic asylums or used as slaves.

The vast majority of the British public are naive to all of this,but what is clear to see is that we are waking up at an exponential rate. I've done my research and know this for a fact, the majority vacinnes do not work.

Research? Where? The tabloid press? The MacDonald’s University? Mad Magazine?

I am reminded of a trio of Bertrand Russell quotes:

  • Never believe a stupid man's report of what a clever man says, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.
  • Man is a credulous animal, and must believe something; in the absence of good grounds for belief, he will be satisfied with bad ones.
  • The public will believe anything, so long as it is not founded on truth.

There's another conspiracy theory doing the rounds - one that says God can cure illness and doctor's can't. The sad thing is that believeing in this conspiracy theory can lead to death, and did in the case of an 11 year-old girl in the USA whose father prayed for her rather than letting doctors treat her treatable diabetes. Needless to say, she died and he's now facing prison.

Set the caravan fire detector off yesterday while singeing my ear hair with the piezoelectric cooker lighter.


  1. As you know I am a little bit poorly - I am constantly being urged to eat, take, try "alternative" medicine - I refuse saying - "If it worked it wouldn't be alternative and would be on the National Health" - It's a lot cheaper to give someone 12 walnuts a day than chemotherepy. However what worries me is the apparent intelegence of the people suggesting that a foot massage with flower oils will cure cancer!

    Richard x x x

  2. Richard: As they say, there's nowt so thick as folk.

  3. I heard the story about the little girl who died of diabetics whilst her family prayed for her but neglected any sort of medical treatment on the wireless this morning and it frightens me.

    Why is society falling back on magic to the detriment of science? Is it that our education is so poor that science becomes too difficult whilst a spooky and invisible man with a beard on a cloud is understandable because it's a simple idea?

    This little girl died of a condition that is easily maintainable because those who cared for her felt that magic offered a better and surer solution than science. And that seems to be the same thought processes as those people who think that cranberries will cure cancer.

    Richard x x

  4. Richard: Wireless? Is that some quaint 20th C word for digital radio?

    Hay hails your post. Science over witchcraft anytime.

  5. Just dobbing in my twopennorth, with Richard's talk of the wireless, whiskers and a crystal set...

    I wish there were a vaccine against stupidity - I honestly despair at some things I hear from supposedly intelligent peers every day. Mind, your practice of singeing your ear hairs with the gas lighter in the caravan may also serve to remove you from the gene pool, Sir!

  6. Woman: I've put myself down for a Darwin Award.

  7. I can't add anything. You have said all that was on my mind ..... which is odd, how come you can read my mind? Is it something to do with those strange moving eyes at the top of your blog? You are into mind control aren't you? It's a bloody conspiracy. I better tell other people, warn them. Now what is the URL of that conspiracy website?

  8. Alan: You will obey. You will obey. You will obey. Now bark.

  9. For your information the story about the little diabetic girl was on the Home Service this morning.

    Richard x x x

  10. Richard: Just after Workers' Playtime?

  11. Workers' Playtime on a Sunday? - Think man, thing!

    Richard x x x

  12. Richard: ....but I bet you're listening to Elaine Paige on R2 as you write.

  13. No - I'm listening to her on the Light Programme - as I do every Sunday

    Richard x x

  14. Braja: So too is Elvis, although be now has the surname Costello.

  15. ("Chairman Bill was asking about the hybrid and whether it really saves fuel.")

    OK, that's what brought me over...I thought I would put in a mention for the Aptera (no, not a salesman, though I do like spam....sliced thin and poked onto a frozen pizza when the pizza is about fiveminutes to done)(and a lil more cheese, thankyou)

    None-the-less, I erad the post, and it may very well be we have similar tastes. Maybe.
    I actually eat without my teeth(don't want to mess them up) so, maybe not.

    Anyway, it seems one of the "reactions" was missing,...
    The one of:crying

    I believe that it may well be true. The CREATOR IS the only one that can cure the ailments of mankind, but, for crying out loud! Putting their child on a stone alter ("not hewn, or squared stones, but, round") waiting to see if god will come with the miracle is sheer lunacy!
    I HATE hospitals. But whenever Ma would take me, I'de be good, do as she said, and take my shot, stick, pill, whatever...(brave lil twit)
    But as an adult?

    I haven't been for years. Only the worse of pains (I got an earwig in my ear once. THAT would get me there again!) could drag me back. I always poke in a prayer for myself, but, I don't trust to hope.
    I lay around in bed wondering if I'll get better.

    If it's a life threatening thing? Maybe the VA (yeah. Honorable discharge Veteran of a foreign was) but, even then, I'll have to make some simple judgment calls, first.

    Is it life threatening enough to kill me no matter what? Then screw the hospital. They're rich enough, those doctors and admin.
    I have little money and will not be frivolous with it.

    If my daughter got hurt? Sick? Whatever?
    I would sell everything I own (not much) and get her treatment.
    Anyone who doesn't really isn't even carrying a six pack of intelligence. Isn't driving with his seat in the upright and forward position, as Carlin used to say.

    So....about this claptrap about "does the hybrid really save gas?
    Thore moonbeams (unoriginal thought, reflecting nonsense from somewhere else) are mimicking what car manufacturers have been hoisting on our backs for years.

    You have a computer.
    Look up APTERA
    the hybrid model (right now, sold only in California in the states)(it figures, too) gets 300 miles per gallon.
    So, then ask that question again.

    300 miles per gallon.

    (just in case I'm an epeleptic, or stutter with my fingers...three hundred miles per gallon)

    Yeah, baby.
    It ain't the final or best answer, but, it will give us more time to get done what we (the world of Western Mankind) MUST get done.

    And, we best be moving on it pronto.
    The Japanese did an in depth study on gas and fuel supplies...(around 1984) and it turns out their experts are predicting an end of it around 2045.
    course, maybe they're idiots writing about what a smart man says, I dunno.
    I have my own ideas about what has to happen, and they're way less popular than Americans (all three Americas' Americans) will want to consider.

    Starting out with my favorite, since I'm about 45 miles North of Indianapolis Speedway, the Indy 500, in my eyes would be way more fun if the 33 drivers didn't have cars at all. RUN! Run, baby, run!)
    (uh oh. Hope this wasn't too long.
    Well, You stop by and drop a concentrated pile of opinion at my blog, anytime if it is. We'll call it even.


  16. Boneman: Fear not about the length of your comments. I thrive on them.

    As for the Aptera - WOW. However, it does look more like a plane than a car (or even a couple od Vespa scooters welded together). The blurb says 100 MPG, but that's still way more than my LPG car does.

    I'll be over at your place shortly.

  17. I am here because of a virus. Actually I am a part of the virus referred to by Mr Smith when confessing to Morpheus... mankind - You know that virus that is infecting the planet.

    I am also here because I saw your blog name on Idiot's Stew and thought "this'll be a giggle" to myself and without further compunction clicked.

    I was, as I normally am, right. I am still giggling, but that could be, in part, due to the chilled dry red I am quaffing between keyboard strokes. Wine, now there's a conspiracy if there ever was one.

    As soon as I get out of this little panel, I'll look for the follow button...

    ...hmmm, now what was my point?

    Oh well, if it was important, it'll come back to me. Meanwhile, I'll be adding you to Blogger's Cafe: (spam, spam)
    I'm not sure yet under what category, there are some things that just defy immediate pigeonholing. So you'll have to hunt for the reference, but it will be in Library 1.

    Oh yes, that was it. Man's stupidity... yes, generally we are a stupid lot, not only stupid but gullible, the proof is that we elect governments. If we had even a modicum of intelligence, there wouldn't be politicians, we'd be able to manage just fine without them.

    Have a nice day.


  18. AV: Never get a human to do a machine's job.