Thursday, 5 November 2009

Creation of Art?

If art is anything involving a ceative act (regardless of whether you subjectively like it or not), can blogging be called art?

If you're having a firework party tonight (for my UK readers) take care with your fireworks tonight and be safe! For those from afar, November the 5th is Bonfire Night, when we celebrate the Gunpowder Plot being foiled.


  1. And is literature art ?

    I miss bonfire night - the smell of spent fireworks. Hope no sparks get into the caravan insulation!

  2. If surrealism is art and writing is an art then blogging must fall somewhere in between.
    I went to an organized fireworks display in Hastings some years ago, and halfway through the display a rocket shot in to the shed containing the rest of the fireworks. The next twenty minutes saw people being chased in to the sea and across the beach by horizontal explosives.
    Love watching them, but now from a distance!

  3. I think there may be too many different types of blogs to define them as "art" (or anything else for that matter). One of the fun aspects of this thing is that there are no hard and fast rules. And there's no professorial types in tweed jackets looking them over and judging or defining them.

    Although a friend of mine once described herself as a "blartist". Which I thought was appropriate and kinda funny.

  4. I think any thing you write or bang down on a screen that comes from your soul is art. Tho' Andy Warhol said that Business is the real art.

    Hate bloody fireworks - especially bangers!!


  5. If some of the things out there called art are really art then blogging is certainly art, but who cares if it's art, is it good?

  6. Kapgaf: If it's a creative act, then yes. If it's mere reportage, then no, as there's little, if any, creativity.

    Kabbalah: Am I surreal? Fish.

    IB: Art defies criticism by so-called experts. the only valid definition is a creative act.

    Jenny: Haven't seen bangers in years. Was mentioning this to Hay only yesterday.

    Steve: Good point!

  7. I think blogging is expressive -- and sometimes creative/artistic. (Sometimes, just a badly written diary of sorts.)

    As for Guy Fawkes, I can't believe that one foiled plot has been enough to guarantee fireworks displays and bonfires ever after. We will be "celebrating" (if that's what it is called) tomorrow night. I just hope that it doesn't rain.

  8. I think blogging is art, it's creative,it's your own little space and you can go wherever you want with it, no matter how bizzare.
    I am having sparklers,but Cosmic kitty needs valium to get through November 5th.