Monday, 30 November 2009

The Mechanics of Star Wars

Overheard in the car:

Chairman: “Do you actually understand how an engine works, or are you too girly?”

Hay: “Of course I do. The engine thingy has cylinders in which the pistons are pushed down by fluffy kittens and bounce off pink cushions under the power of Chanel No 5 fumes that are set alight by a diamond encrusted Dunhill lighter. You plonker - my father was a truck driver and I helped him maintain it at weekends.”

Overheard while watching Star Wars Episode V:

Chairman: “He was type-cast after making this film and never really played other notable roles.”

Hay: “What? Mark Hamill made quite a few films.”

Chairman: “No – not Mark Hamill, Yoda.”


  1. With such witty repartee you must be a pleasure and a life-enhancing force to have around. Almost as good as a budgerigar. (I will try and answer your sepia-induced question by and by)

  2. Fluffy kittens.... that had my Monday made.


  3. Hay's explanation of the four-stroke engine is much more pretty than "Suck - Squeeze - Bang - Blow" version I learned. Think I might memorise the part about the fluffy kittens.

  4. Alan: Squawk.

    AG: Glad to be of service.

    Kabbalah: I'm sure you will.

    Braja: He was Kermit the Frog's stunt double.

  5. Facinating car conversations!