Friday, 6 November 2009

West African Swine Flu Vaccine Consipracy

In a shock revelation, voters in the UK are thought to be set to sack their political advisors next year.

Chairman of the Political Advisory Committee, ‘Professor’ Gordon Brown, said: “How can they sack us? Our role is to provide political analysis and to present the public with scientific – well, sort of – truth, no matter how unpalatable that advice may be. For voters to sack us because they don’t agree with the advice we give is illogical and a travesty.”

A news headline this morning about the killing of 13 soldiers at a US army base by a gunman.

“It is not clear what motivated the attacker, named as 39 year-old military psychiatrist Major Nidal Malik Hasan.”

I think I may have an idea as to a motivation.

I’m not sure what set off the train of thought, but the other day I was reminded of some culinary delights from my early days at sea when travelling to West Africa on Elder Dempster vessels (known by we experts as Elder Dumpster). Two dishes sprang immediately to mind; palm oil chop and groundnut stew, both were special Sunday treats and simply delicious. I recommend them to you.

Anyone ever had pan-fried squirrels?

Remember my rant back in August about the Swine Flu vaccine conspiracy? I’m scheduled to have both my seasonal and H1N1 flu jabs on Saturday. I’ll let you know if I get killed in the attempt at genocide on the part of dark forces. As we all know, Michael Jackson was killed because he had inside information on the H1N1 vaccine conspiracy (how long will it take for that to become orthodoxy?).

Oh dear - I had a little look and I spoke too soon.

A few final words; corfam shoes. Can't be 100% certain, but I'm almost sure I was the first boy in my school to wear them. Anyone remember them? A boon to all who wore uniforms.


  1. Shoes! Your family could afford shoes when you went to school! I always suspected you of being bourgeois.

  2. Alan: They matched my ermine robes and coronet.

  3. Conspiracy theories are just a Government plot to make us believe they are competent, the evidence that they aren't is overwhelming.

    Never had squirrel before but I did eat a snake once, he'd probably eaten squirrel though :)

  4. Never had pan-fried squirrels.. were they accidentally mixed in with the ground-nuts?

    I've just been diagnosed with Gammon flu. It started out as Swine flu but then I was cured...


  5. My sons had the swine flu mist Wednesday - both seem just fine.

  6. No squirrel here but do remember my dad bring home a rabbit one day.

    We're thrilled over here that our government is already rationing the swine flu vaccine after deeming it a pandemic. Is it any wonder we're scared out of our minds that these morons want to start government run healthcare.
    Just an accurate taste of things to come. Hope our Senate holds strong and defeats this.
    Hope to see Nancy Pelosi and her lot all looking for new jobs after the next election.