Saturday, 7 November 2009

Lost in Translation

Renewed my phone contract yesterday and got the promise of a new phone – decided to go for a simple slimline jobbie, the Nokia 6303. A grown-up’s phone.

Had a look on YouTube for a review and found this:

Can anyone tell me what language this chap is using, as I can’t understand a bloody word he says. I think it’s Serbo-Croat, but I can’t be 100% certain.

I’m going to take some of you back in time now and conjure up an image from the past that came to me yesterday while I was cutting a slice of bread on the breadboard. Who remembers their grandmother, or in the case of my younger readers perhaps their great grandmother, taking an uncut loaf (only the posh people bought sliced bread in those days), holding it close to her ample bosom as if putting it in a headlock and sawing a slice off with a bread knife as if she was sawing off someone’s head? Breadboards seem to be a phemomenon of the late 20th century.


  1. I remember that, though not exactly holding the bread in a headlock; but definitely the freehand version of cutting it....

  2. I don't know about the chap with the phone, it's all north to me.
    You were lucky Gran used a knife, tearing bits off was customery down at Nana's the knife was reserved for waving at Grandad.

  3. Crivens! If he thinks yon's a standard phone Jimmy , he's nae seen ma Heinz cans chorded dealie!
    Don't worry about not understanding his language Chairman, these Welsh jokers are always hard to understand. :^)

  4. It almost puts me in mind of that episode of Hancock ("The Blood Donor") where he cuts himself with the bread knife whilst carving off a piece of bread and consequently has to get back the blood he gave the day before. Talk of bread knives always makes me think of that.