Monday, 16 November 2009

Customer Service

Hay made me shave off my Battle Fuzz again over the weekend – the bits of beard on my cheekbones that I tend to grow longer when I’m getting into a somewhat combative mood.

Is it me, or do all people detest these automated customer service lines where you’re led several times through the entire numeric sequence from 1-10 before you actually get to speak to a human being?

I was trying to activate a pay-as-you-go Vodafone SIM over the weekend and had reached the point of acute frustration at not being able to find the bit on their website that facilitates it on-line. Even Hay couldn’t find it. I finally gave up in disgust and phoned them.

I no longer follow the instruction sequence for these phone lines and press the first number that’s spoken, trusting that it will get me a human much faster – as it did. OK, it was the wrong human, but the wrong human at least puts you straight through to the correct one without all the kerfuffle.

I seem to be losing interest in Blogging of late. Perhaps I need a rest.


  1. I think I can safely say we all hate those phone lines. I find if you go beserk on the key pad it puts you through to a human. This does actually work.

  2. I hate those automated systems, why is it that what you need never seems to be represented by any single number, you end up listening right to the end and then going around again just so you can press the "general enquiry" button.

    re. Blogging, I know what you mean.

  3. Kerrie: I agree.

    Steve: So I'm not alone. Must take a rest and recharge the creative juices.

  4. I know!! Nowadays as I hear that kooky voice, I say "rep rep rep" as fast as possible till the voice goes, "I cannot understand what you are saying..I will now connect you to a customer service representative"!!

  5. Hate 'em just hate 'em. If I am calling because of a problem, I am so irate by the time I get a human that I could kill!

  6. Sometimes I reach a point that I feel like having a rest, but then something always happens and a plough along. CB, your blog is one of those bright little lights of sanity in this otherwise strange world. Always enjoy the rad here.