Monday, 2 November 2009

Hunting For Squashed Animals

Overheard in the caravan:

Hay: “I’m fed up washing your clothes. They’re always covered in food, stains or squashed animals.”

I’m struggling with my massive security complex as well as my feelings of inherent superiority.

I hardly posted last week, but perversely I had more hits. Perhaps I should refrain from posting to boost my readership?

I heard on TV last night that if the Conservatives get into power in the UK they will repeal the Hunting Act, which forbids the hunting of foxes for sport. The argument used by the hunting lobby is that it’s a traditional country sport. I wonder if the Conservatives are amenable to bringing back those favourite old traditions of slavery and stuffing kids up chimneys to sweep them.

I used to be ambivalent toward fox hunting until I saw a documentary showing a farmer leaving carcases out over winter to encourage foxes so he could charge toffs to hunt on his land in the hunting season. Now if you're using the argument that fox hunting should be allowed as foxes are vermin, then you don't bloody well encourage the damned things to inhabit your land.


  1. Good to have you back. Mind you, I have noticed that Superman is never active when you are posting. Perhaps people check your blog when it is dormant to see if Superman is available. I was talking to an old HMS Conway student at the weekend (Desmond Fforde) but he probably was a few years before you.

  2. Alan: I believe he was '63 and lives in Stroud. He was about 6 years before me.

  3. Hunting. I have to say I'm getting more and more ambivalent about it. Yesterday my husband's hunting team took a female wild boar. She was pregnant, as they all are this time of year, which just happens to be the hunting season. He says you can't tell the difference between a yearling and a pregnant female. I think if you don't know what you're shooting, don't shoot.

  4. Louise: But why hunt? If for food, then fine. If to eliminate pests, fine. But in all cases, shoot to kill and don't use a pack of dogs to rip the animal to bits for your personal enjoyment.

  5. Morning. Great picture!

    Don't know what to think about hunting and that really. I wouldn't like dog fighting or anything xxx

  6. Since we already breed many kinds of flora & fauna specifically to shoot, hook, trap and pluck without consuming them afterwards, it seems inconsistent that there are distinctions for one or two species. I do agree however that suffering is greatly increased by using a pack of hounds over a high velocity rifle etc.

    Whenever I tackle my pro-hunting friends on this I always get the "yeah but look what foxes do to a hen house" argument, as if this is all about revenge and we need to give johnny fox a bloody nose for his impudence. Whilst I sort of understand the buzz of dashing through fields on a horse chasing something with intelligence, I can't help being slightly suspicious of people who wish to get their kicks in this way.

    Nice pic BTW!

  7. Steve: I'd ask your pro-hunting friends if they actually own any hen houses.

  8. A picture says a million words...

    I spent my life "hunting" women, especially dressed like that and It cost's a fortune and normally has two endings. The first is pure pleasure and the second in financial downfall...

  9. Getting a buzz from watching anything being ripped to shreads is just plain wrong.