Monday, 9 November 2009

Curried Wildlife

Hay was wondering whether ‘ladies things’ manufacturer Tena had a product for men specifically to cater for those occasions when they laugh too much following a particularly virulent curry the night before. She thought it might be a solution to my laundry problem. As it happens there is, but it faces the wrong way round as it's made for another related problem.

I’ve noticed that the 40 odd tonnes of house footings spoil sitting in the field has caused an explosion in the bird population around here. We have hundreds of the buggers flitting down to it from the bushes surrounding the field to snaffle insects. Seems we've inadvertently created a wildlife haven.


  1. I suppose you could wear special pants on the day following a particularly virulent curry (we ate an excellent home-made vindaloo yesterday) but the rest of the time, seems to me that skid marks are due to improper or insufficient use of toilet paper!
    P.S. thanks for the phone unlocking info

  2. Because of my better half's MS, for the last 12 years or so we've had a loo that washes and gives a blow-dry, as her hands don't work too well. I have to say, that after a severe curry or chilli, it really does soothe the parts that need it! After having used one for some time now, (I do like a hot curry/chilli) I have to say that I don't know how we'd cope without one. Something similar can be found at

    I think something like this should be an absolute must when "Badgers End" gets close to completion.

  3. Kapgaf: Toilet paper? What's that? Is it there to allow you to work it out with a pencil, like mathematicians?

    Spiv: The link doesn't seem to work.

  4. "Seems we've inadvertently created a wildlife haven".
    You can probably get a grant for it.
    Register yourself as a charity.

  5. totally sympathize with your predicament!! Mwahahahahah!!!

  6. Just buy brown pants; call them 70s retro briefs... sorted!

  7. Sorry 'bout that, Mon Capitain!

    try just and follow the three links on the left.


  8. Alan: I will look into it.

    Roshni: It's simply something we males of a certain age have to put up with.

    Steve: I knew I was right to keep those old brown cords.

    Spiv: Will have a look now.

  9. Spiv: Seems an awful waste of power and water when you consider that her indoors insists I change my jocks every day anyway. There may as well be a reason to do so.