Monday, 2 August 2010

Firefox and the BBC

Well, we’re back from our little holiday in Salcombe, where the most complicated decision I had to make was whether to wear my 'It Ain’t Half Hot Mums' or my 'Lord Baden Powells', being the names Hay has given to my two pairs of shorts.

I have never seen so many 4x4s congregated in one small place as in Salcombe.

I was interested to read a BBC story on how many website designers have neglected to design their sites to support Firefox, with weird formatting results. I was then surprised to find that the BBC itself does not fully support Firefox, as evidenced by the image below (note the juxtaposition of the headline and the associated photo - or if you're a Firefox user, just look at the news website).

As a Firefox user, I've been wondering for weeks when the BBC was going to correct this blatant error.


  1. I did dabble with Firefox (and with Safari) but I have settled on Chrome (which the BBC does seem to support). My main stance is "Anything But IE".

  2. The whole browser war thing is a huge waste of time and everyone's money; Browsers aren't even good at hosting most things on the WEB these day, a case of being stuck with something designed in a different era for a different purpose than which it is being turned now.