Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Athletic House Price Cuts Caught Speeding

My son is a bit of an athletics fan and forced me to watch Tyson Gay beating Usain Bolt on YouTube in the 100m at some athletics meeting. I must admit that this must be the first time I’ve seen the words ‘Tyson’ and ‘Gay’ juxtaposed in this manner.

House prices are meant to be falling, and the nation cries out in dismay. Why, for God’s sake?

If petrol comes down in price we rejoice. If car prices tumble we dance a jig in glee. If house prices take a nose-dive we drop into the abyss of despair, despite the house we aspire to becoming more affordable and the gap between the price of the house we already have and the aspirational house decreasing.

OK, I know the reason – most people are mortgaged to the hilt (in many cases way beyond their means) and a perceived loss has a greater psychological effect than a perceived, yet illusory gain.

Road safety campaigners are complaining after speeds have increased following the mass switch-off of Gatzo cameras in Oxfordshire. Tommy-rot! Speeds haven’t increased at all – people are merely going at the same speed they usually did both before and after Gatzos before the switch-off. Gatzos have an effective range of about 30 yards and no more.

The Ministry of Justice has to cut its budget by £2bn against an existing £9bn budget. A leaked memo says that: “There will be less of us.” Commentators say that those words will send a shudder through thousands; well, it certainly does to me - it should be ‘fewer of us’. Shocking grammar, unless of course the entire department is going on a diet!

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