Friday, 20 August 2010

The Ubiquitous Dr. Alice Roberts

It’s always the same; you are waiting ages for a Dr. Alice Roberts and then twenty come along together. Is there a single programme she isn’t on? She seems totally ubiquitous. I suppose that if you want a media career, it must help enormously to have a partner who is a television producer.

Is the collective noun for a group of professors an IKEA? Don’t get it? A bunch of chairs!

Talking of university, it would appear that with today’s super-intelligent students obtaining the highest grades ever (yet strangely still unable to spell or perform simple mental arithmetic) and university places being oversubscribed, many of the brightest pupils are sensibly deciding to go straight into work. That will result in the paradox that only the mediocre will end up with university degrees.

Methinks it’s a true sign of intelligence, if not animal cunning, to decide not to go to university, getting your feet on the first rung of the employment ladder and gaining a two to four year advantage over your peers (it would probably do your liver the world of good too). Experience and ability is valued much more highly by employers than theoretical knowledge.


  1. Yeah but CB, she's the "hot" doc..

    Give me intellect + enthusiasm over just enthusiasm any day, although intellect needn't only be nurtured in a University.

  2. I dropped out of university yet I am strangely still unable spell.

  3. If there was a tick box saying 'Groan' for that joke, I would have ticked it, Sir!

    I went to Uni, the first in my family to do so, my son is going this September. I would never say you HAVE to go, but for me, in this climate, it means at least that they're forestalling their entry to the dodgy labour market (at least it is in most of the north) for three years or so. And if they enjoy it, so much the better, say I.

  4. not that I want to stop you ranting, but her partner is an archaeologist and not a television producer.