Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Falling Through an Endless Summer Sky

My good friend Richard over at Falling Through an Endless Summer Sky was taken into hospital a few weeks ago and had a stent fitted to his liver to overcome a blockage.

He came home again but has hardly eaten a thing since and is wasting away. Last night he was in such severe pain that his partner, Gavin, had to call out the ambulance to have him transferred back to hospital.

It would seem that Richard is now in the final stages of his battle against liver cancer and Gavin is distraught.


  1. I have been thinking of him as he has not posted for a while and I was hoping that this was not a bad sign. Do tell Gavin that I am thinking of them both.

  2. Often read both blogs though (Not sure why) I don't usually comment Just wanted to say that I'm thinking of both Richard and Gavin. Have been in this situation myself and know that you feel like you're living in a surreal world and it does make a difference to know that people are thinking about you. Send them both much love.

  3. Cancer sucks, I hope & wish the best for all involved.

  4. What Shit news , Just read his blog from the start ...