Friday, 17 January 2014

Electricity Update

Well, over the last few weeks:

  1. Generation from the solar PV has started to increase again (green line and left hand scale), with
  2. A consequent decrease in electricity overall consumed (red line and left hand scale), and
  3. In about a week I'll have used up all the feed-in I generated last year (blue shaded area and right hand scale).
The black line is the consumption less the feed-in - so net consumption.

I estimate that I'll be paying only for the next 3 months usage of electricity (which will be decreasing on a daily basis), with the previous 9 months having been free due to the solar panels. That's an annual saving of around £1,000 on a £12k outlay.

A 12 year payback is a little on the long side, but then I should have another 13 years of profit, providing the government of the day doesn't renege on the £0.43 feed-in tarrif, which is not beyond the bounds of feasibility.

Solar panels will only become cheaper and more efficient, and there may be a time when it will be worth swapping them out for newer and more productive panels.

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