Sunday, 19 January 2014

Eton Flood Land Builder

It had to happen; a UKIP councilor has blamed the recent floods on gay marriage and God's consequent wrath. What a nutter - we all know the floods were caused by God's anger at the bankers! In any case, flooded Somerset Levels and flood plains aren't exactly on par with Noah's flood.

Overheard in a conversation with the builder:

Colin, our neighbour and builder, is currently making us another roof-height bookcase to match the one he made last year (for the other side of the double doors).

Chairman: "Colin, what was that glue you used to stick the skirting to the walls? I can't remember the name - I think it had the word nails in it. It was really sticky."

Colin: "Sticky as shit?"

Overheard talking to a friend Hayley was showing the house to::

Hay: "Well, we own that field and we've put in for outline planning permission. We don't intend building on the land during our lifetime though."

Chairman: "If not our lifetime, whose bloody lifetime could it possibly be?"

It was the lovely Hayley's 49th birthday yesterday, so I treated myself to an Eton Mess on Friday night when I took her out for Birthday's Eve.

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