Monday, 13 January 2014

More Beardy Focaccia Thoughts on Northern Assassin Jamie

Hay: "I'm not sure about this new beard style - I preferred you with a fluffy Father Christmas beard. This one makes you look much older than you are."

Chairman: "It's still a work in progress - it's going to look like James Robertson Justice's beard."

Hay: "And how old is he?"

Chairman: "He's dead!"

Hay: "See what I mean?"

Later, while watching the film "Munich".

Chairman: "Shall I get a 2nd job as an assassin?"

Hay: "No, you'd stomp around like a bull in a china shop and keep forgetting where you put your gun."

Even later we were watching Jamie Oliver's latest TV show last night and from his size I'm sure his next money making venture is going to be "Jamie's Diet", or "Jamie's Work-Out".

Later still, when watching a program about Guy Martin trying to break the Human Powered Aircraft record.

Chairman: "Well, if Guy needs to generate 500W to get airborne, why can't they hook up his brain, as you can generate 50W just by thinking?"

Hay: "Not in his case; he's a northerner, so he'll be lucky to be generating 5W by thinking. Crackin'!."

I've moved on to sourdough garlic and rosemary focaccia in the artisan range of Chairman's breads:

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  1. I think you left it out to prove for too long CB, it's got weeds growing in it ! ;)