Friday, 31 January 2014

Plagiarism? You Decide in Bradford or Yuma!

Parliamentary questions have been asked!

Hay went to Bradford yesterday. In the evening we watched the 2007 version of "3:10 to Yuma" on NetFlix. The gang rode into Yuma and Hay said; "That's like Bradford - a few houses and a wasteland, but you'd need to add a few mosques to Yuma." A bit unfair, I opined.

Noticed a continuity error - Russell Crowe was meant to have been on the road for a number of days, but when he lifted his head back there was a shaving line on his 5 day stubble as sharp as a Sabatier.

If you have ever watched the film, you'll see ZZ Top (or at least the bearded ones) make a guest appearance at the end when Russell boards the train.

I do wish Peter Fonda would do a sequel to Easy Rider.

Did some experimentation yesterday - I'd bought some beeswax on eBay and mixed it with olive oil in a bain Marie, producing furniture wax (1:3 ratio of wax to oil) and moustache wax for my emergent King George V (equal measures of wax and oil). May switch to coconut oil for the 'tache wax to avoid smelling like a Hepplewhite chair.

Getting heartily fed up with this BT Infinity service - it's been 8 days now since it was installed, and I've had 3 chats with BT customer services, 2 home visits and it's still dropping out 10 times in every 24 hours. Apparently it's a common complaint. Not much use if you work on-line to a database and lose all your work when the router trips!

Actually (reverting to the film), the town wasn't Yuma - that's where the train was going to....

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