Friday, 3 January 2014

Soaking Oven Abuse

Overheard when coming into the house after putting the Christmas tree on the bonfire up the field:

Chairman: "Good grief - I just got soaked. A sudden shower caught me."

Hay: "Where did it come from?"

Chairman: "Above!"

Apparently many young people feel they have nothing to live for - no jobs, no money, no life. I guess it's a foregone conclusion when you consider oldies now have to work till they're well into their 70s before they can get a state pension, so there are no jobs being vacated for the young. You can't even force the oldies out anymore when they do get their pensions.

The only ones able to retire at a reasonable age and vacate jobs are those with company or private pensions, and they generally are in jobs or professions where you need an education or lots of experience. A degree in drama studies or a GCSE in DT just doesn't cut the mustard.

Was reading one of Jamie Oliver's recipes for left-over turkey and leek pie. He starts off by asking you to pre-heat the oven to 190 degrees and then launches into at least 30 minutes of preparation before you even put anything near the the damned oven. What is he using, for God's sake - a wood burning oven? Either that or he has his own solar farm.

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