Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Ferrety Grimness of Scottish Holiday Red Tape

Hay went Oop North to Lancashire yesterday. She swears blind she went through:

  1. Clayton le Grim,
  2. Grimpool,
  3. Newton le Grim,
  4. Lytham St Grim,
  5. Blackgrim and
  6. Ashton in Grim.
She also met with a woman called Grimshaw. I'd hate it is she visited Yorkshire and went to Grimethorpe and Grimsby....

I asked her whether, as an honorary northerner, I could keep a ferret.

If Scottish independence is the solution, what's the problem? Seems Alex Salmond ain't too sure, as there are a number of aspects of the Union he wants to retain, the currency being a biggie. Seems to me that there is no problem and this is just a gut feeling vote, rather than one based on facts or issues.

Why are people so angry about holiday prices going up during the school summer holidays and what on earth do they think the government can do about it, especially given foreign holiday prices are not controlled from the UK?

Holiday accommodation and flights are subject to the laws of the market - supply and demand. If you have difficulty filling your hotel or villa at a particular time of year, you naturally charge less; conversely if there's a high demand (like during school holidays) you charge more. It's how a free market works. Stupidity and naivety - a phenomenon closely aligned to the mob mentality - is a wonderful thing to behold.

I hear Cameron wants to get rid of red tape. Guess I'm going to have to use the clear stuff in future...


  1. Ah you folks from Great Mortgage-in-the-Swissbank can never appreciate the delights of the north : the sunset over Liversedge, the dawn chorus in Heckmondwyke, the great herds of feral dogs on the plains of Todmorden.

    1. Did you listen to the track? Souithport is mentioned, as are Huddersfield and Hebden Bridge!