Monday, 20 January 2014

Navigating the Frome

What with the River Frome in full spate since the rains, Hayley has taken it into her head to kayak down it from Old Sodbury to Yate. 

Walking the banks of the Frome is a regular exercise walk for us, so I'll give you a guided tour.

Above is the Old Sodbury dry dock.

Chipping Sodbury landing stage.

The Waitrose sluice.

Chipping Sodbury white water rapids.

A view upstream from Brook St Bridge.

And downstream.

Getting a bit slower here on the outskirts of Chipping Sodbury and approaching Yate.

Unfortunately you just can't see the waterfall in the distance on the right (well, not on this photo, unless you enlarge and look carefully. Locally it's known as The Smoke that Thunders. The bridge I took this from is now known as Depth Charge Bridge, as that's the point at which I accidentally dropped my electronic ciggie into the water yesterday while fumbling around. Just thankful it wasn't my mobile phone!

And crossing the bridge, heading back upstream. You can regularly see container vessels here heading upstream to Tormarton container terminal.


  1. As anyone ever discovered the source of the Frome. Could it be lake Victoria, or somewhere in the wilds of Sudan?

    1. Alan, there are many tributaries of the Frome, but the main one starts in James Dyson's estate, not a couple of miles from us.