Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Potenta Free Polenta Cake on the Grassy Knoll

Rotovator wrestling completed and the ha-ha is ready for grassing over.

It will soon be ready as a grassy knoll for any visiting American president.

Made another lemon drizzle cake yesterday, but mistakenly used plain flour rather than self-raising. It ended up looking more like polenta lemon drizzle, being rather dense, but not at all inedible. Quite nice really.

We are doing a table top sale at the village hall in a couple of weeks for which I will be baking a load of sourdough breads and a few cakes. Hay suggested I sell it at the table-top as polenta-free polenta lemon drizzle - for people with a polenta allergy.

Off to Israel at lunchtime (29 degrees there). Back on Thursday night.

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