Friday, 30 May 2014

Warning - Technophile at Work

Getting into this phone stuff since I rooted the Galaxy Note 2, but still a tad worried about bricking it if I play with it too much, so I bought a 2 or 3 year old HTC Sensation on eBay yesterday to play with before trying to upgrade my Galaxy to the KitKat version of Android - and hopefully curing the Sleep of Death permanently as a bonus.

Have managed a work-around for the Sleep of Death - I'm using an app called SoftLocker to stop the phone going into deep sleep (which is when the SoD occurs) and so far I've had nearly 24 hours without an issue. The downside is increased battery drain, but that seems to be more than offset by under-clocking the CPU.

Have under-clocked to 1.2MHz this morning and will keep tabs on the results. At 1.4MHz yesterday I was still at 30% capacity after 16 hours, with a projection of around 22, which is unheard of - I'm usually lucky to get 12 hours useage from one charge on the standard 1.6GHz..

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