Monday, 26 May 2014

SoD (Sleep of Death) Cured in Old Sodbury

Cured the Sleep of Death on the phone. I found one, solitary solution that actually works - remove the battery and wait for 5 minutes before replacing and booting up again. The problem is caused by allowing the battery to run down to zero power - which I did a couple of times last week.

I also managed to root it, which gives me access to all manner of tweaks, such as extending the battery life, which is invaluable, stopping certain apps from starting at power-on and all manner of secret things. The downside is you can brick the phone if you gerfingerpoke without sufficient knowledge and the fact your warranty is invalid (unless you un-root again).

Might look for a custom RoM next, or install Android 4.3 (KitKat), which Vodafone seem rather tardy in releasing.

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