Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Power of Prayer in the 80s Music Scene

Your child has a virulent disease caused by a bacterium.

You have the option of an antibiotic or prayer not both - which would you choose?

Of course, God moves in mysterious ways and may not answer your prayer (well, not beyond chance probability). Antibiotics, however, are a tad more reliable.

Overheard while watching Culture Club's 'Church of the Poison Mind' on Vintage TV:

Chairman: "Who is the fat bird with the good voice doing the backing vocals?"

Hay: "Fattist and misogynist in the same breath!"

Chairman: "I think she's an immigrant."

The music of the 80s passed me by in the main - it was the backing track to a debauched lifestyle I was living at the time.


  1. Oh, both. Definitely both. But I wouldn't listen to Culture Club.

    1. You have a very valid point. I was forced into it (and tapped my feet, which is a bit of a give-away).

  2. If any of my kids liked Culture club I'd start praying.