Sunday, 18 May 2014

Table Top Aftermath

Made £41 at the table-top sale. Hayley did the table design and all the selling. She even sacrificed some of the produce to use as before-you-buy-samples.

Overheard in the village hall:

Female Customer: "Do you have anything without wheat?"

Had some sourdough starter for sale in little jars. Only 1 was bought, and I'll bet that ends up in the fridge for a week and then thrown out. Everyone is too busy these days to devote any time to something that requires a modicum of effort and patience.

My favourite pet hate has become T shirts and polos with any form of writing or image on them. They just look so scruffy. The village hall was bursting with middle-aged men wearing sad T shirts extolling how cool they are, or think they are.

Went to The Dog for dinner with No.1 Son and spotted a young bloke with an Australian accent who was passing himself off as a young Australian - but he couldn't have been, as he was wearing shorts with socks.

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  1. Ha! so your dinner was literally "in the dog"!