Thursday, 28 April 2016

American Toilet Hun

I'm writing this at Bristol Airport waiting for a flight to Hamburg. The woman ahead of me at the check-in was complaining vociferously that there was no vegetarian meal option on the website check-in and holding up the entire procedure. Give me strength and deliver me from cranks.

Back to the issue of American transgender toilets. Some right wing Americans are complaining that such loos make it possible for perverts, dressed as women, to enter female loos claiming to be transgender when they're not, and attacking women and female children while claiming protection under the law. The fallacy within this argument is that it's an offence to attack anyone, regardless of whether you're dressed as a woman or not - there is no protection under the law, the argument just doesn't stack up.

I note it's mainly men who are doing the complaining and they seem to treat their woman as their personal possessions. It's frighteningly paleolithic.

An interesting survey showing men are more comfortable using a transgender loo and British women are less comfortable at the prospect than American or French women, yet there's not much difference in the percentage that at comfortable with it. Of course (and ironically) there is a percentage that is undecided......

Interesting factiod; I'm currently reading a biography of Atilla the Hun (for about the 5th time - must get  some more books) and we all know how during WWI the Germans were referred to as the Hun. Apparently the soldiers on the front were happy to use the term Fritz or Jerry and it was only the newspapers and those who remained at home who used the term Hun. Those in the field obviously saw the Germans as fellow soldiers just doing what they were told to do in appalling circumstances, whereas those at  home, who never came into contact with a German, were prepared to demonise and dehumanise them.

Strangely enough, all Germans were happy to use just Tommy when referring to British soldiers and saw no need to use dehumanising terms.


  1. Phil, your usage and understanding of 'paleolithic women' is I suggest incorrect and it would have been better if you had done some research first.
    For 'Scientists are finding that in prehistoric societies, females may have been equal to males in many ways.'

    Read more:

    1. Truly enlightened. What went wrong?

  2. The Old Testament People and Romans that's where the blame lies and of course the Christians followed suit by treating and still treating women deplorably....

  3. Replace Christian with religions

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  5. Replace Christian with religions

  6. Not all religions treat their women badly, it is only the religions that have a patriarchal god.