Sunday, 24 April 2016

Litter for St George

A quick comment for anyone with synaesthesia:

I'll bet you enjoyed that!

St George's Day yesterday. Ironic that our patron saint should be from Turkey (or some say Roman Palestine). This is probably lost on those who sport the cross of St George in an ultra-patriotic, extreme right wing, Little Englander manner and keep moaning about immigrants.

Talking of Little Englanders, I can't really believe Boris wants the UK out of the EU - he used to be such an ardent Europhile. He's just cynically capitalising on his belief that the majority want out (as perhaps was the case a while ago), and this is a perfect way of riding on the back of popular sentiment to become PM if the vote goes in favour of leaving. However, I think he's seriously misjudged the situation, especially as he can't seem to articulate a valid reason for leaving and keeps shouting; "Bollocks, Project Fear, Bollocks, St George!" and keeps attacking the pro Europe messengers, rather than the message. Boris has only one, sole political aim - to lead the Conservative party and be PM. He will sacrifice anything to achieve that aim, even his own integrity.

Christ! A vote for out is in effect a vote for Boris as PM.

Following our village litter pick a couple of weeks ago, passing motorists have once more turned the main road into a dump with discarded fag packets, cans, crisp packets and fast food detritus. I'm going to start a village vigilante group to lynch outlanders caught littering the place. There's a large cross in the church graveyard left over from Easter - that'll make a handy gibbet. May get a stinger too.

Was at Heathrow T2 on Tuesday and got a coffee from a place called Capuccino. Huge, plastic spoons the size of soup spoons and nowhere to recycle them - everything goes into the same bin. A bit criminal these days, ain't it?

Kim Kardashian or Prince - which has the greater talent? Close call, I  know. It was a bit unfortunate for Percy Sledge that he happened to kick the bucket on the same day as Prince, as the news of his death was somewhat overshadowed. 


  1. Percy Sledge actually died last year. Nobody noticed at the time. Then he started trending when Prince died.

  2. Your synaesthesia comment was rubbish, BTW. Who mixes raspberries and Wagner like that?

    1. I thought it quite musical.

    2. The image is actually how someone with synesthesia sees Entertainment by Phoenix.

  3. That's a very dubious presumption that Boris has ever had integrity to sacrifice...