Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Electric LGBT Rights

Regarding yesterday's post about a range of builders' clothing, I forgot to mention the black bin liner with holes for head and arms (it was raining yesterday, but the neighbour's roofers overcame it in their usual and innovative manner).

Got my copy yesterday. Makes persuasive reading, but I'm still uneasy about the use of public funds for just one side of the argument.

Spotted my first UK registered Tesla on our Sunday walk - in the village, of all places. Talking of silent cars, I had to admonish Hay the other day as she did that old person thing of walking across the High Street slantywise without looking behind her to check for traffic. Normally it wouldn't be a problem as you can hear the oncoming car, but in this case a silent, hybrid car (not a Tesla) was coming up behind her. A salutary lesson about crossing the road with modern cars comprising the traffic. Once these electric jobbies become the norm, traffic noise will be a thing of the past and even major towns and cities will sound like villages.

Bryan Adams has cancelled a concert in Mississippi in protest against a new law allowing businesses to once more discriminate against LGBT people. I'm generally in favour of anti-discrimination law, but it has achieved its aim and perhaps it's time to relax it to allow the reactionaries who are stuck in a pre-medieval worldview to do their own thing. When all's said and done, they're now a small minority (even within their own communities, although not perhaps in the Land of the Free) and are harming no-one but themselves and their own businesses, although they will doubtless perceive it as martyrdom. We need to avoid the oppressed becoming the oppressors, as so often becomes the case.


  1. When the electric trolley bus came onto the streets of London they were quickly called "silent death" where I lived in the 30's.