Friday, 8 April 2016

Superinjunction App

Famous mobster, Putin, denies any involvement with Mossack Fonseca. I'll take that statement that with a large Russian salt mine.

The Twittersphere is full of a story about a superinjunction taken out by a British celebrity entertainer to prevent the tabloids naming him for partaking in a sex threesome. Said taboids are, predictably, on one of their usual crusades against this legal instrument, calling it a privilege of the rich. The celebrity in question has used the protection of his children as the reason for taking out the superinjunction (not an unreasonable cause). Despite the legal step, it didn't prevent an unnamed American publication disclosing his name.

Now obtaining a superinjunction through a legal firm might well cost a minimum of £20k, and more likely £100~£150k as a war chest (although, in theory, you could do it yourself for under £500), but what are the chances of your or my sexual indiscretions hitting the tabloids? What this chap did is not illegal, so despite being of interest to the prurient, it's certainly not in the public interest, and it's of interest to the great unwashed solely by virtue of the chap being a rich celebrity and in the public eye - the rest of us don't need it. I have no sympathy for the tabloids and their tawdry desire to sell copy in this case. If this were to happen in France the tabloids would not be allowed to 'out' him, as the French, quite sensibly, have privacy laws.

I'm inundated with App updates. Kindle must have updated it's App every day this week and SwiftKey twice in one day - why, for Christ's sake? Surely the damned thing can't be so bugged that it requires twice daily updates? I wouldn't mind, but the Gmail App has been working badly for over a month and Google haven't even attempted to rectify the bug yet!

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