Friday, 22 April 2016

Purple Toilet Humor

Prince has passed on (Percy Sledge too), yet the fabled Vault will ensure he keeps us entertained for decades to come. I don't believe he ever collaborated with Bowie, but he can now at the Great Gig in the Sky with the other Baby Boomers. Following this, never let it be said that Man Flu is not dangerous - it's a killer.

Been having a discussion with an old school friend who decamped to the USA many years ago and has become a staunch gun totin' Republican and all that implies to the neo-liberal, commie, red-under-the-bed English mind.  The subject was gender-neutral toilets and the furore that's causing in the more antediluvian circles of the American right wing.

American Republicans seem to be stuck in the 19th century when it comes to bodily functions, not realising it was the Victorians who invented segregated toilets (and crotched undergarments) in the first place, thus they are a relatively new concept. Even today no self-respecting Scotsman would blush at the prospect of displaying his meant and two veg to all and sundry in his kilt.

In Oslo there's no issue about a bloke sitting in a cubicle next to a woman while sending a log downriver, and here's the evidence from one of my customer's facilities. 

Given there is still a distinction of sorts, I asked why. I was told only one has tampon disposal facilities and nothing more sinister than that. Fair enough!

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  1. Is the 'Ladies' only for women in knee lenght skirts?
    I as a trouser wearing arthritic struggle in the womens' eastern style hole in the porcelain with foot prints.