Saturday, 2 April 2016

Things People Hate

According to an article I was reading yesterday, these things allegedly annoy people most on Facebook:

  1. Too many 'selfies',
  2. Too many photos of your beautiful and super-intelligent children,
  3. Click-bait shares - the share-farming scam posts exhorting you to pray or say Amen for some poor bastard who doesn't know his photo has been hijacked or has been Photoshopped into a monstrosity.
  4. Too many photos of your friends,
  5. People touting pseudo-scientific cures, usually emanating from America where this kind of crap is unregulated (a personal hate of mine),
  6. Having thousands of 'friends' - apparently 300 is the upper limit for respectability (seems I have 270 so I need to have a small cull to become more respectable).


  1. So be honest, why do you 'do' Facebook? You know it only encourages them.

    1. Narcissism - the blogging equivalent on a selfie! However, I don't care whether anyone reads the blog or not, so it can't be that. Perhaps it's the only way I can have a sensible conversation - one with myself...

  2. I doubt very much that you will ever be respectable !

    1. I have a suspicion you're right, Mel.