Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Rescued Boys' Toys

I must be becoming a fossil. Apparently the death of a chap by the name of David Gest has caused sleb grief meltdown and is the number one news story on Twitter and the 2nd most popular on the BBC site, yet I've never heard of him, On looking him up it transpires he's famous for being a sleb himself, which probably explains my lack of knowledge about him. I vaguely remember his permanently startled face (but not the name) in association with one of Lisa Minnelli's many divorces, and that's about it. There's whole other world going on with reality TV of which Hay and I are blissfully unaware.

The story doesn't seem to have infiltrated Facebook yet, which adds to the theory that Facebook is now populated mostly by mature people (aka old) discussing Brexit, letting everyone know which airport they're at, posting pictures of their grandchildren, local nature and their dinners, informing all and sundry about which fish doesn't have the letter A in it, or posting nostalgic, YouTube pop or comedy videos from the 70s. No.1 Son hardly goes near Facebook anymore and sees it as an old person's medium.

Rescued a bunch of roses from Lidl's car park yesterday. Someone must have dropped them while loading their car. One or two flower heads had been severed by cars going over them, but I got them home and put them in a vase for Hay, who on returning from work enquired whether I'd attended the DP Gumby School of Flower Arranging and didn't seem very grateful.

Upgraded one of my toys with an eBay replacement - 500cc instead of 190cc and a foot longer cutting deck. Should take a fraction of the time to mow the ever growing lawn. No.1 Son showed some slight interest in it, but not enough to make me think he might show any interest in mowing the lawn of his own volition this side of the 2nd coming.

Will come in handy while building the 2nd cabin to haul the materials up into the end of the field too - at least that's how I justified it to Hay. It was either that, or a DJI Phantom 3 drone with a 3,280 foot range, 25 minute flying time and GoPro camera. I thought the mower would produce less grief as I can eBay the old LawnFlite to help defray the cost.

Talking of boys' toys, a boy in the southwest is campaigning to have the NERC research vessel, that the public has voted to name Boaty McBoatface, renamed after Henry Worsley, the Antarctic explorer who died of organ failure a few months back trying to cross Antarctica solo. The fact Boaty Mc Boatface is ahead in the poll just goes to show how social media has turned us all into toddlers. The two existing vessels are called the James Clark Ross and the Ernest Shackleton, although few probably bothered to look that up. Topping off those names with Boaty McBoatface just seems puerile. Sign of the times, I suppose, and another nail in the coffin of democracy. Here's the link to vote for Henry Worsley, if you're that way inclined.

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